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The Banner is the monthly magazine of the Churches of God (Holiness) and is one of the best ways to keep updated on current events within our churches. The second-to-the last page in the Banner is the favorite of many people, containing notices of camps, revivals, etc. within our church movement, as well as church updates and memorials for Christian workers who have gained their eternal reward. Other important pages are the World Missions and Home Missions pages, where you can find updates on mission work around the world and in the United States. The Kansas Christian College page includes information about this institution of higher learning that is vital to our church’s future and you will find the most current information about our summer camps on the HHYC Ministries page.

The Banner includes various teaching articles each month that will inspire you in your Christian walk, help you understand more about a biblical topic, etc. One recent Banner included part 2 of a sermon on forgiveness, an article on God’s giving nature, and an article originally written during the Great Depression by a Church of God (Holiness) pastor. Also featured are various articles promoting Christian ideals, such as the importance to live with gratitude, etc.

The Church Herald and Holiness is a beautiful, full-color publication designed to encourage and educate you for better service to our Savior, Jesus Christ. The low-cost subscription rate is designed to put this valuable resource in the hands of everyone we can.

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