Unit 2

Unit 2 – Conversations With God

Lesson topics include:

  • A Prayer of Praise: Mary’s Prayer of Adoration
  • A Prayer for Salvation: Thief on the Cross
  • A Pattern for Prayer: Jesus Teaches How to Pray
  • A Prayer for Blessing: The Prayer of Jabez
  • A Prayer of Submission: Jesus Prays, “Thy Will Be Done”
  • A Prayer for Wisdom: Solomon Asks for Wisdom
  • A Prayer for Our Nation: Daniel Prays for His People
  • A Prayer of Humility: A Tax Collector’s Prayer
  • A Desperate Prayer: God Answers Hannah’s Prayer
  • A Prayer of Faith: Elijah Prays for Fire
  • A Prayer for Other Christians: The Church Prays for Peter
  • A Prayer for Direction: A Wife for Isaac

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